Upgrades and Downgrades to an existing subscription can become a business need at one or another point. All the actions pertaining to Upgrades and Downgrades can be carried out on the dashboard.

NOTE: Upgrade/Downgrade of plan is unavailable. To upgrade/downgrade, create a new subscription & API keys (based on a required number of API calls) and cancel the existing one before renewal.


If you have set-up recurring payment using your credit or debit card, you can upgrade/downgrade your plan. To do so, login to your sandbox account and head to subscription. Click on the plan you wish to upgrade or downgrade. You will then see the following page. 

Use the slider to custom upgrade(or downgrade) your plan based on your requirement. Once selected, click on proceed. 

Click on confirm after reading the prompt. You would then be directed to Razorpay Gateway. 

NOTE: All Upgrades/Downgrades will take place at the end of the current cycle. 


Subscriptions whose recurring payments are set up using UPI or BANK cannot be upgraded or downgraded.  You will need to cancel your current subscription and start a new subscription with the desired plan. 

Any Charges/Refunds? 

While all upgrades will be carried out immediately, depending on the usage in the current cycle, some amount will be charged immediately (subscription charge) and some in the upcoming cycle (overdraft/outstanding). 

As downgrading will take place at the end of the current cycle, no refunds/changes will be made to the current cycle. 

You can read more about it in our Terms of Use

NOTE: Prepaid subscriptions cannot be Upgraded/Downgraded from your dashboard. If you wish to upgrade/downgrade, please contact us. Your requests will be carried out at the end of the cycle by cancelling the current subcription and creating a new prepaid subscription.