Hey! Welcome to Sandbox.

If you wish to test the APIs, start by importing the postman collection from the endpoint page.


Make sure that the host URL is configured to test environment as mentioned on the page. After which you need to enter the test credentials (key and secret key) along with your Access Token. You may have to add variables to your environment in accordance to the API you would be using. You will be using the added variables to input the test data. 

NOTE: Use data presented on the endpoint page. Live data (Actual details) will be considered invalid. 

Once added, press send to run the API and get the test response. 

And that's all! Hope it helped!

NOTE: Not all APIs can be tested i.e they do not have the required test data. However, you can use the result examples for each API to see the response.

NOTE: You can use the same process to start your Production. Note that you need to first change your host to production link of the API, followed by production keys and Access Token.