Hello! Welcome to Sandbox Support.


Before using our APIs, you would need to generate an access token, which is in JWT format. 

What is a JWT?

JWT stands for JSON Web Token.

It is an open standard that is used to share security information between a client and a server.

A JWT is signed using cryptographic algorithms to make sure that the requests can not be altered after the token is issued.


How to generate access token in Sandbox?

  1. Sign in to your Sandbox account.

    Note: To test endpoints you must already have a subscription which will give you the API keys.
    To see how to start a new subscription, read this article.

  2. Select your Subscription and go to 'API Key'.

    Note: Live key can be used to hit the production environment, whereas Test Key can be used to hit only the test environment.

  3. To test paid APIs (learn more about Paid APIs), you're required to recharge your wallet balance.
    You can recharge a minimum of INR 100, from where the upstream costs for an API, per hit, will be deducted.

    Note: Read here about how to add credits to your wallet.
  4. Go to the Sandbox Documentation, where you'll find 'Authentication' under the 'Authentication and Postbacks' section.

  5. After you're done reading the documentation, you can go ahead and click on the '<> API Endpoint' button.

  6. Now, here's where you need to enter your API Key and Secret in the appropriate fields.
    You can find the required credentials from the Sandbox Dashboard.

  7. Now you can simply copy the 'API Key' and paste it in the appropriate field in the 'Authenticate' window, and the same for 'Secret'.

  8. You can then click on the 'Try it!' button, to execute the request.

    And there you go! you just created your own Access Token!