Your Sandbox API subscription has six statues: Created, Authenticated, Active, Pending, Halted, Cancelled

  1. Created State

    A Subscription attains the created state once it is created. The subscription will be in created state before going into the authenticated state. In the case of E-mandates, the subscription can be in the created state for up to 24-48 hours

    API keys: Not Generated

  2. Authenticated State

    A Subscription goes to the authenticated state when the customer completes the authentication transaction.
    It moves to the active state right before the first charge attempt is made on the Subscription.

    When you start a 14-day free trial with Sandbox, your subscription will be in authenticated state, and on the 13th day the auto-charge will be attempted and if successful will result in your subscription being in active state

    API keys: Generated and Active

  3. Active State

    A Subscription goes to the active state when the billing cycle for the Subscription starts.

    When the Sandbox Subscription goes into active, the subscription charges are auto-debited.

    (Note: For active subscriptions the overdraft charges will have to be paid manually from the Sandbox Dashboard)

    API keys: Generated and Active

  4. Pending State

    A Subscription goes to the pending state when an auto-charge on a payment is unsuccessful. Razorpay will continue to retry the payment while it is in this state

    After all the retry attempts have been exhausted, the Subscription moves to the halted state.

    API keys: Generated and Active

  5. Halted State

    The Subscription goes to the halted state when the last auto-charge is unsuccessful and all retries are exhausted.

    The subscription goes into a halted state when the auto-charge has failed due to an error at the bank or wallet gateway.

    For every subscription cycle, an invoice will be generated on the Sandbox Dashboard which will have to be paid manually.

    The API Keys are still in an active state and your subscription is functional. Moving forward, for each subscription cycle, an invoice will be generated on your dashboard from where you can pay your dues to continue using the APIs. The subscription state will remain halted since recurring payment has failed.

    To move the subscription state back to active state, you need to update your payment method.

    API keys: Generated and Active

  6. Canceled State

    When you cancel a Subscription, it moves to the cancelled state. Once canceled, a subscription cannot be restarted.

    API keys: Inactive