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There may be instances where the amount you have transferred to the Virtual Account is not reflected in your Sandbox wallet. This can be mainly due to the virtual account being marked as closed on our database.

Why is it closed?

As per the compliance guidelines issued by the partner bank, the virtual accounts that have been dormant for 90 days(where no transactions have taken place) will be automatically closed. 

When the amount is transferred to a closed virtual account, it will automatically be refunded back to the user. 

Then how do I add Sandbox wallet credits via bank transfer? 

If your virtual account has been marked as closed, you will be provided with a new virtual account on your Sandbox Dashboard.  The new details will be reflected in the wallet section

Using the new virtual account details, you will be able to transfer the amount to Sandbox Wallet.

The amount is still not reflected in the Wallet?

Please reach out to help@sandbox.co.in or raise a ticket here, our Support team will help you with this.