When you are verifying your PAN using our API, you might encounter this error

You might question as to why is it showing your PAN card to be invalid. There can be two reasons: 

1. Use of Test Endpoint and Test Key 

2. PAN card is not in the source data base 

Note that this type of error can happen with any API, we are using PAN card as an example. 

Use of test endpoint and test key 

This error usually happens when you use test endpoint and test key.  When using those, you need to input the dummy data, that is published on the reference page of the respective API, else you will get the 'Invalid' response. 

For production purposes, make sure you use the production endpoint and live keys.

PAN is not in the source data base 

As we are a pass-through API, we do not store any sort of data. As such, verification is done with the source itself. Therefore, an Invalid response would indicate that the card is not registered with the source. 

In such cases, contact relevant authority for corrections.

And that's all! Hope it helped