This article covers the process of sharing the form 27A for E-verification of TDS Returns filed with us. Sandbox APIs offer TDS E-Filing APIs which enable businesses to upload the FVU file of their TDS Returns through an API. 


A. Naming Convention - Corresponding to each successful TDS Filing a properly generated FVU file and a form 27A is present. Follow the below steps to provide us with form 27A to E-verify your TDS Return and complete the TDS Filing and Verification process:


  1. Open the FVU File of the TDS Return in any Text Editor and Identify the 20 digit barcode number at end of line 7

  2. Verify that the barcode number obtained in step 1 matches with barcode number in the form 27A

  3. Rename the form 27A with the name being <barcode_number>.pdf.

  4. This way corresponding to each TDS Return filed, a form 27A should be shared with us in order to complete the TDS Filing and Verification process.

B. Format of 27As - PDF files should be scanned files in black and white PDF/A format (Size of PDF not exceeding 120KB). Quality (resolution) of scanning is measured in “dpi” units. The images should be scanned at a minimum resolution level of 200 dpi or above.

C. Signing of 27As - Forms should be signed by the responsible person that has been mentioned in the TDS return.

In case of any queries, please reach out to us at or Raise a Ticket