What are GST Invoices?

GST invoice is issued by a supplier/seller to the recipient or the buyer of goods and services. In this case, the subscription/credits are the goods.


What do I need to do for GST Invoices of Subscriptions?

To obtain the GST Invoices of Subscriptions, follow the below steps:

1. Log on to the Sandbox Dashboard and click on Profile Icon > My Profile 



2. In the Profile settings, you will see an option to enable the option for "I want GST Invoice" and enter the relevant details like GSTIN and Place of Supply and click on "Save".


3. Once you save the changes, going forward all the subscription invoices will contain these details. All the subscription invoices can be found in downloadable format in the subscription detailed view.


What do I need to do for GST Invoices of credits added?

For subscription invoices of credit balance, click on the "Wallet" section on top which will redirect you to add the credits. There you can see an option to enable the "I want GST Invoice" option for credits. You can enable the same and add the relevant details.

For credits, you will be able to see the purchase history however the invoices will be sent to you towards the end of the transaction month via the registered email.


In case you need the invoice early or need any help, feel free to raise a ticket here.