What are Postbacks?

Postbacks are the notifications sent to an external service when a particular event occurs in the Sandbox platform.

How are Postbacks useful?

Postbacks keep you notified and updated about the changes happening in your account.


There are 2 different categories of Postbacks: Subscription related and API related.


1. Subscription Related Postbacks

This includes:

  1. Quota Events
  2. Subscription Events 
  3. Wallet Events

For example, if you wish to be notified when your wallet balance drops below 1000 Rs/-, you can switch on the notification for that particular event.

2. API Related Postbacks

This Includes:

  1. Tds Events

For 206AB Compliance APIs, if you prefer to be notified if the job has been completed successfully or failed, you can switch on the following options:


How can you enable Postbacks for yourself?

1. Go to https://sandbox.co.in/

2. Sign into your account

3. From your Dashboard, select the subscription you want to create a postback for

4. Go to Settings

5. Go to ‘Postbacks & Notifications’ and click on the ‘Create Postback’ to create a new postback.


6. Enter the Postback URL, the Secret (optional), and one or more email addresses to which you’d like to send the notifications.

7. You can then select the events you’d like to receive notifications for.