What is a prepaid subscription?

A prepaid subscription is a subscription in which we engage the customer in a hybrid fashion of payment by providing a Standing Instruction of ₹1 on their UPI Autopay/Cards while processing the remaining payment for subscriptions through a separate payment method by issuing an invoice for the same. This invoice can be paid directly using any payment method from our dashboard.

How do I make a payment towards my prepaid subscription?

Once a prepaid subscription is created for you from our end, you will receive a notification from Razorpay on email and SMS for authentication of payment method and activation of your subscription.


Once you complete the payment, your subscription will be activated and an invoice will be generated for you on the dashboard. Go to dashboard.sandbox.co.in and click on your subscription to view your outstanding invoice.

You will be required to pay the invoice by clicking on the "PAY" button. Once you complete the payment, you will be able to download the GST Invoice.


How do I get a prepaid subscription?

Prepaid subscriptions are provided under exceptional circumstances. Please reach us at developer@sandbox.co.in

How do I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Real-time upgrade/downgrade is currently not supported for a prepaid subscription. Upgrade/downgrade for a prepaid subscription can be carried out at the end of the subscription cycle, contact developer@sandbox.co.in for the same.
In case you wish to upgrade/downgrade in real-time, opt for a standard plan from here.