Overdraft Invoices

This is the invoice that has been generated due to overdraft usage (usage greater than designated quota), as a result, a payment action item at the same tariff has been added to your dashboard to continue the subscription.

To clear the outstanding invoice you are required to navigate to Sandbox Dashboard and complete the due payment action item(s).


Subscription Charge Invoice

This invoice is generated when your subscription auto-charge has failed due to an error at the bank or wallet gateway, due to which your subscription has gone into halted state and as a result, an invoice has been generated for you to make the payment manually.

Your API Keys are still in an active state and your subscription is functional. Moving forward, for each subscription cycle, an invoice will be generated on your dashboard from where you can pay your dues to continue using the APIs. The subscription state will remain halted since recurring payment has failed. 

Please note that you are required to clear these dues within 3 business days. 

To see the outstanding invoice, go to the Keys> Click on the Halted Subscription > Scroll down and you will be able to view the outstanding invoice. In the future, kindly process the payment from the dashboard every month to continue using the APIs.